Friday, April 29, 2016

Select Process Instruments FAST with this Online Tool

Yokogawa Corporation of America, an industry recognized source for innovative process measurement and control products, has made available an easy to use product selection tool for those navigating through the company's extensive product offering. The Product Finder is a great time saver that enables a user to quickly locate product and technical information on Yokogawa products that meet the user's selected criteria.

Let's step through a quick example. You will see how this quick and easy to use tool saves time by navigating quickly to the website pages detailing products meeting your requirements.

The Product Finder is accessible through a number of links throughout Yokogawa's network of Reps. Clicking the link lands you on the start page of the Product Finder. For this example, I am going to search for a flow meter with the following characteristics:
  • Mass flow measurement 
  • Non-conductive liquid
  • Accuracy of 1%
  • Flow measurement device must have an integral transmitter
  • Tri-clamp connections

Above, I declared my location as United States. The next step, shown below, is to select "Flow" as the measurement parameter. You will see in the drop down menu that there are many measurement elements that can be selected, with Yokogawa products for each.

My selection of "Flow" returns a list of all the company's flow measurement devices, of which there are many (this cropped screenshot, shown below, only shows four, but there were many more) . This is where the selector really helps you. Instead of examining several or many different models, the user can focus the search by adding more product characteristics. You can see the list of prompting questions on the left side of the page. Answering these will narrow the search results to the show only the products meeting all the criteria specified by the user.

The next image (below) shows selections of all  my sample product attributes entered on the left column. Note that there is now only a single product that matches all of my sample criteria. The whole process took less than two minutes. By clicking on the "View More Details" button below the product image, I gain access to all of the available technical, support, and product data for my selected flow measurement device.

The process instrumentation experts at Arjay Automation are available to provide additional help in meeting your measurement challenges in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North & South Dakota. Combine their product knowledge and expertise with your process know-how for the best solutions. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Advanced Generator Ground Fault Protections

generator protection
Generator Protection
Ground faults in generator stator and field/rotor circuits are serious events that can lead to damage, costly repair, extended outage and loss of revenue.

The following paper explores advances in field/rotor circuit ground fault and stator ground fault protection. These advanced protection strategies employ AC injection and other tactics to provide benefits in security, sensitivity and speed.

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Introduction to Fieldbus

Foundation Fieldbus
Foundation Fieldbus
(image courtesy of Yokogawa)
Fieldbus is the name of a family of open, two-way, non-proprietary industrial computer network protocols. Fieldbus connects sensors, motors, switches, valves, actuators, and alarms to a distributed control system (DCS) and Human Machine Interface (HMI).

Devices on a Fieldbus network support a wide range of architectures, for both safe and hazardous area applications. Instruments in a manufacturing plant are connected to the network in a variety of topologies including, star, ring, daisy-chain, tree and branch networks. Analogous to how a computer LAN works, a Fieldbus network allows a controller to communicate individually with hundreds of analog and digital sensing points.

Here is an excellent document written by Moore Industries that provides the reader with a good understanding of Fieldbus.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Challenges, Benefits and Practical Applications of Distribution Transformer Monitoring

Transformer Monitoring
Transformer Monitoring Equipment
(courtesy of GridSense)
To accommodate ever-increasing network strains, transformer monitoring addresses all potential distribution transformer failure modes and detects early warning signs of asset deterioration. Transformer monitoring focuses on parameters that address cooling efficiency, insulation aging, dynamic loading, capacity optimization, fault current and voltage abnormalities. There are multiple models to accommodate all distribution transformer monitoring needs, including padmounts and poletops:
  • Small Power Transformer Monitoring
  • Network Vault Monitoring
  • Padmount Transformer Monitoring
  • Residential Transformer Monitoring

The benefits to transformer monitoring are:
  • Quickly identify faults
  • Monitor asset condition
  • Diagnose and resolve voltage problems
  • Perform power factor correction
  • Optimize conservation voltage reduction
  • Smooth the introduction of renewables onto the grid
With transformer monitoring you can improve outage management and pre-empt customer issues as you shorten fault isolation time, and set transformer alarms for temperature, overload, and voltage sag/swell.  Improve revenue protection by detecting signs of illegal activity using abnormal load patterns, or reconciling meters against the transformer monitor's kWHr readings. Finally, upgradeable firmware guarantees that you always have the most up-to-date configuration.

Watch the video below for more insight on transformer monitoring.

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