Thursday, April 14, 2016

Introduction to Fieldbus

Foundation Fieldbus
Foundation Fieldbus
(image courtesy of Yokogawa)
Fieldbus is the name of a family of open, two-way, non-proprietary industrial computer network protocols. Fieldbus connects sensors, motors, switches, valves, actuators, and alarms to a distributed control system (DCS) and Human Machine Interface (HMI).

Devices on a Fieldbus network support a wide range of architectures, for both safe and hazardous area applications. Instruments in a manufacturing plant are connected to the network in a variety of topologies including, star, ring, daisy-chain, tree and branch networks. Analogous to how a computer LAN works, a Fieldbus network allows a controller to communicate individually with hundreds of analog and digital sensing points.

Here is an excellent document written by Moore Industries that provides the reader with a good understanding of Fieldbus.