Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Custom Detonation Flame Arrestor Technology: Examples of Success

Custom Detonation Flame Arrestor
Detonation Flame Arrestor
Flame arrestors and detonation flame arrestors are critical components to the safe operation of industries around the world, including loading terminals and storage tanks, and in the chemical/petrochemical, pharmaceutical, landfill, wastewater, refining, automotive, industrial production, pulp and paper processing, and oil production markets.

Custom designs and specially engineered products to meet specific applications are commonplace. Flame arrestor engineering design teams must have a wide range of experience, expertise and engineering disciplines to meet the application performance requirements and still provide innovative yet cost-effective solutions.

One particular manufacturer, ENARDO, has a great reputation for custom flame arrestors. Here are two examples of meeting tough challenges.

Group B Detonation Flame Arrestor
Group B Detonation Flame Arrestor
(courtesy of ENARDO)
Group B Detonation Flame Arrestors For Vapor Recovery

A Fortune 50 chemical company required a solution to protect their plant from high pressure flame propagation in its piping system. The detonation flame arrestor application encompassed several stringent requirements, including high flow capacity and the extreme volatility and explosive parameters of Group B gases. Additionally, the size requirement exceeded that of existing proof-tested products.

ENARDO developed a design for this unique application incorporating advanced materials from the aerospace industry, 36" diameter advanced technology elements, 16" piping connections, pressure drop and flame detection, and a steam nozzle port.

A prototype was designed, constructed and tested to validate its explosion and flow capacities and is now operating successfully and remains one of the few detonation flame arrestors for Group B gases.

30” Detonation Arrestor
30” Detonation Arrestor
(courtesy of ENARDO)
30” Detonation Arrestor

A specialty chemical manufacturer in Deer Park, Texas needed a 30" detonation arrestor.  The custom engineered product ended up weighing in excess of 15,000 lbs.,  a 72" inch (1.8 m) diameter flame element, and 30" diameter flanges. This detonation arrestor is believed to be the largest ever supplied for commercial operation at the time of its installation. It is constructed of a carbon steel housing with a complete stainless steel internal lining for corrosion protection, plus:

  • A revolutionary internal system that allows for cleaning of the element without removal.
  • Built in accordance with ASME Section VIII.
  • Flow capacity of this specialized Group "D" detonation arrestor far exceeds that of any previously established in the industry.
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