Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Spectroscopic Solutions for Process Measurement and Control - Prozess Technologie

Prozess Technologie is a St. Louis, MO and Silicon Valley-based technology company that designs, builds, and implements spectroscopic solutions for process measurement and control in multiple manufacturing sectors.

The company uses precision light technologies to measure, enabling customers to understand and control manufacturing chemical processes in real time.

Prozess has had significant success in Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences and has also deployed systems in food & beverage, agriculture, and petrochemical. Solutions include purpose built hardware, software and professional services.

The innovative new "Reveal" platform uses light to measure liquids, solids, gases and plasma without touching the target.  This measurement is done precisely, in real time.

The Reveal Platform was designed to be a key component of this "network of things" manufacturing. The enhanced features of the Prozess Reveal technology enables a reduced cycle time and improved yield by allowing a broader group of employees to more regularly and easily monitor their process environment at various points in real time.

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