Thursday, September 22, 2016

Water & Wastewater Open-channel Flow Measurement: Effluent Flow Measurement for Dual V-notch Weir

Nivelco for wastewater treatment
V-Notch Weir Flow Measurement
Nivelco for wastewater treatmentWastewater treatment plant effluent flow measurement is a common application that can be accurately measured with ultrasonic level transmitters. However, a US municipality presented an an application where two v-notch weirs in parallel to handle the flow requirements was proving more than a typical ultrasonic level transmitter could handle. A better solution had to be found.

Nivelco for wastewater treatmentThe existing flow meter that had failed after just two years of operation. The major problem was the flow meter on the effluent never matched what they were receiving on the input and thus passing bad data. The maintenance crew found that the preferred brand of ultrasonic level sensor, combined with a different brand flow meter, was prone to failure. They needed a reliable way to measure flow going across both v-notch weirs and add flow pacing to the other process controls.

After careful review of the operating conditions and required specifications, a NIVELCO EasyTREK
ultrasonic level transmitter with the MultiCONT universal display and controller was selected for this unique flow meter and level measurement application.
Nivelco for wastewater treatmentThe IP68 rated EasyTREK SPA-38N-4 integrated ultrasonic level transmitters are installed on a console above the basin. The units use HART digital communication to connect in multidrop loop to the MultiCONT multi-channel process controller. The MultiCONT is able to provide remote programming while displaying the process variables in real-time.

The instrument’s calibration was adjusted to read the flow across both v-notch weirs and send the data back to the central SCADA system, PLUS using the additional output of the MultiCONT to flow pace UV disinfection and the systems effluent wastewater sampler.

Nivelco for wastewater treatmentThe complete NIVELCO measuring system proved to be an excellent solution, providing highly reliable operation and high accuracy.

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