Saturday, November 5, 2016

A High Speed, High-performance Controller for Industrial Weighing and Force Measurement

BLH Nobel G5 process control
BLH Nobel G5 process control.
There's a new industrial force measurement and weighing controller setting performance standards designed to meet tomorrow’s ever expanding industrial weighing requirements.

The BLH Nobel G5 process control instrument offers high speed and high-performance control for industrial weighing and force measurement. G5 offers a highly flexible instrument for your process automation needs.

A large (4.3 inch) high-resolution color display with LED backlight provides good visibility of process data such as weight and status. The advanced display and functional keypad allow easy navigation through parameters, menus and settings.

A built-in web server facilitates quick and easy operation and simplifies parameter changes through any web- supporting device. The web pages display weight and status, as well as parameters and diagnostics information.

Flexible digital inputs and outputs can be configured according to your specific needs.

Several industrial communication interfaces such as Ethernet, RS485 and optional fieldbuses are available, each complying with industry standard protocols. Analog output (current or voltage) is available as well.

  • Process weighing and control
  • Force measurement
  • High speed dynamic measurement 
  • Factory automation 
  • Software upgrades can easily be installed in the eld using a SD card. 
  • The G5 durable plastic enclosure is IP65 rated for panel- mount installations. 
  • DC-powered (24 V) and AC-powered (115/230 V) versions are available. 
  • BLH Nobel designs and customizes software for special applications upon request. Contact BLH Nobel for more information. 
  • Wide variety of communication options: Ethernet, RS485, USB, Fieldbus, analog output
  • Set-up and diagnostics through embedded web server
  • Up to 8x350 ohm load cells
  • 24-bit resolution, 2400 samples per second, 300 updates per second.
  • Easy parameters backup and restore via USB port, or SD card or internal memory.
  • Flexible digital I/Os
  • Graphical user interface, color LCD display with backlight
  • Functional and numeric keypad for data entry
  • Panel mount enclosure
For more detail, see the G5 cutsheet below: