Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Industrial Processing - Dust Measurement Using Inductive Electrification

For reasons of health, safety, process performance, or regulatory compliance, many operations have a need to measure levels of dust within a process or facility. There are several technologies available, all incorporated into instruments designed and packaged for industrial environments.

A more recent entry as a technology for dust measurement is inductive electrification, as provided in the Sintrol line of dust monitoring instruments. Applications include:

  • Stack measurements for emissions monitoring
  • Process monitoring via in-duct measurements
  • Ambient air monitoring for worker health and safety
  • Filter leak detection

The inductive electrification technology relies upon the principle that particles passing near, or colliding with, an isolated sensor will generate an induction based alternating current signal that is specific for certain frequency bands. Noise that is produced in frequency bands other than those particular to dust can be filtered out prior to further signal processing.

The video provides an illustration and explanation of the how the technology works. For more detailed information on specific models, reach out to a product specialist and share your dust measurement requirements and challenges. Combining your process knowledge with their product application expertise will lead to effective solutions.