Friday, December 15, 2017

Dual Input Temperature Transmitter With Built-In Intrinsic Safety Barrier

dual input temperature transmitter with intrinsic safety barrier
Moore Industries' dual input temperature transmitter
is available with built-in intrinsic safety barrier.
Image courtesy Moore Industries
Designing and building control panels, whether large and complex or simple, is time consuming and requires coordination of many factors. Each component must be matched for the intended application and provided with adequate installation and service clearance to enable proper operation and serviceability. It is generally advantageous to the design process, and the build cost, if multiple functions are incorporated in a single component. Often, the reduction in space requirement, cost, wiring, and setup or testing can be substantial.

Moore Industries recently added an option to their dual input temperature transmitter that provides built-in intrinsic safety barriers for the input to the transmitter. Eliminating the tasks and panel space needed to make a proper barrier selection and get it installed in the panel will make panel design and build-up easier and less costly.

More detail on the temperature transmitters is included in the document provided below. Share your process measurement and control challenges with the specialists at Arjay Automation. Leverage your own knowledge and experience with their product application expertise to formulate the best solutions.