Sunday, January 21, 2018

Matching Temperature Sensor Type to Process Requirement

industrial temperature sensor thermocouple rtd transmitter
Temperature sensors and transmitters are available in
almost countless variants to accommodate every application.
Image courtesy Moore Industries
Temperature may be the most common measurement in process control operations. The measured value provides direct and inferential information about the energy content and operation of many processes.

For a wide array of temperature applications, getting a high level of accuracy is vital. For others, precision is not as important as ruggedness of the sensor, or cost, or some other criteria. Moore Industries brings vast experience in the design, manufacture and application of process temperature measurement to bear in the white paper included below. The condensed knowledge highlights how plant and site engineers can ensure  accurate temperature measurement for critical applications. Selecting the best sensor for a particular application and ways to improve the accuracy of the sensor you choose are also discussed. In particular, it details the reasons why 4-wire RTD sensors are almost always the best choice for high-accuracy temperature applications.

When facing temperature or other process measurement challenges, share your requirements with a process measurement and control specialist. Leverage your own knowledge and experience with their product application expertise to implement an effective solution.