Friday, August 24, 2018

A Great Solution for the Discontinued Moore / Siemens 353 Controller

Moore / Siemens 353
The Yokogawa YS1700 is a great alternative to the
discontinued Moore / Siemens 353.

For all of you who use the Moore / Siemens 353 controller and are concerned that you'll have to turn to eBay for spare parts, don't worry - we have a great solution. The Yokogawa YS1700 is a drop-in replacement for the Siemens / Moore 353.

The YS1700’s powerful function block programming allows for custom strategies to control many demanding processes such as boilers and steam generators, PH control, dosing control, and many other demanding plant processes. It offers extreme reliability and sophisticated control and includes employs dual CPUs for maximum reliability and hard-manual control for added protection.

For more information on why the YS1700 is your best bet for replacing the Moore / Siemens 353, visit this link.