Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Happy Holidays from Arjay Automation!

From all of us at Arjay Automation, we wish our customers, partners and vendors a safe and happy holiday season and a wonderful 2019!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

The Moore Industries SLD PC-Programmable Functional Safety Loop Display

Moore Industries’ universal SLD PC-Programmable Functional Safety Loop Display features a large integral display that shows real-time process status in mA, percent, or any designated 5-character Engineering units (EGU). The SLD is part of Moore Industries’ FS Functional Safety Series products. It is certified by exida as a SIL3 capable, non-interfering device for use in a safety loop.


  • SIL3 Capability. The SLD is certified by exida for non-interference in a safety loop. (It is not SIL3 assessed or certified to be used as part of the safety function).
  • Easy-to-read, customizable display. The SLD’s independently configured display features two rows of large characters that can be clearly read in the field and set to display any EGU.
  • 360° flexible mounting. When placed into one of our housings, the SLD can be mounted at any angle in nearly any environment.
  • Low voltage drop. Loop-powered by less than 2.3 Volts, the SLD can even be installed on burdened loops.
  • Loop Maintenance Zener Diode Option. Allows the SLD to be removed from the loop for maintenance without interrupting your safety function.
  • Custom and square root curves. Select a square root or linear curve from the library, or create your own. Use our software to input a table in one EGU and have the PC program convert it into a different EGU for display.

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Monday, December 3, 2018

In-Situ Gas Measurements in Combustion and Heating Processes Provide Excellent Returns to Plant Managers

Extractive Oxygen Gas
Analyzer (Yokogawa
TDLS 220)
Manufacturing facilities continue to explore ways to optimize processes by saving energy, reducing CO2 emissions, and improving safety. An area of plant investment that generally pays great dividends is in the optimization of combustion. By precisely controlling the air-fuel ratio, positive outcomes in fuel savings, emissions, regulatory issues, and safety are realized.

The implementation of a process instrument called a "tunable diode laser spectrometer" (TDLS) gives plant operators an excellent advantage in the management of combustion gases.

In-Situ Gas Analyzer (Yokogawa
Tunable diode laser spectrometers are laser-based gas analyzer which provide a quickly updating optical analysis. The TDLS line offers measurements for process gas, flue gas, impurity analysis, custody transfer, and safety with in-situ and extractive methods supported. They utilize laser absorption spectroscopy to detect and measure the concentration of O2, CO, CH4, NH3, H2O (and many more NIR absorbing gases) in combustion and heating processes.

Tunable diode laser spectrometers non-contact sensors are are optimal for use in corrosive, abrasive and condensing applications in the oil, petrochemical, electric power, iron and steel, and other industries.

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