Friday, February 22, 2019

Consider This Robust and Flexible Multi-point Magnetic Level Switch for your Next Tank Level Application

The NIVELCO NIVOPOINT is a flexible, multi-point magnetic float level switch available with awide variety of floats. The NIVOPOINT magnetic float level switch is an ideal solution for single or multi-point level controlling tasks in non-hazardous or hazardous areas. Plastic coated versions are available, suitable for level detection of aggressive liquids, while ATEX certified versions do an excellent job in explosive medium.

Operating Principle:

NIVOPOINT magnetic float level switches work on the basis of the interaction of the magnet incorporated in the float, and the reed switches within the probe.

The float of the NIVOPOINT level switch moves alongside the probe tube, tracking the level of the measured liquid and activating the reed switches.

NIVOPOINT magnetic float level switches are recommended for the following applications.
  • Multi-point level switching.
  • Controlling pumps and valves.
  • Level detection of practically all liquids, including aggressive ones.
  • Level switching of explosive liquids.
Main features:
  • Level switching without auxiliary power.
  • Up to 5 switching points.
  • The position of the switches can be adjusted.
  • Plus or minus 25 millimeter adjustment possibility of the positioning of the switches.
  • Plastic coated versions for aggressive chemicals.
  • 150 degree Celcius median temperature.
  • Mini version for tight places
  • Wide variety of floats.
  • Ex version
  • IP65 and IP68 protection
For more information on the NIVELCO NIVOPOINT magnetic level switch, contact Arjay Automation by calling (800) 761-1749 or visiting their web site at