Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Infrared Suspended Solids Sensor for Cheese Curd Cutting: Getting the Timing Right to Avoid Waste, Save Money

In the making of cheese a coagulant is added to the milk to coagulate the solids creating a curd. At an optimum point of coagulation, cutters are run through the cheese curd releasing whey. There are various ways the cut point is found, some quite sophisticated and some very simple. It can be challenging to get a repeatable cutting point from batch to batch therefore quality can vary resulting in waste and loss of solids.

Quadbeam Technologies manufactures a four beam ratio-metric infra-red, self compensating light attenuation sensor can accurately detect the change in the transmission of light through the curd. This technology can repeatedly identify a predetermined point for optimal cutting.  To read the full application note, visit the link below.

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Saturday, July 6, 2019

The Basics of Pilot Operated Tank Relief Valves

When liquid is pumped in, storage tanks are pressurized and the current tank vapor is compressed. Tanks are also pressurized owing to higher ambient temperatures that cause the vapor of the tank to expand. Pilot operated pressure relief valves are mounted on tanks to mitigate harm caused by these growing tank vapors to avoid structural harm arising from overpressure.

Here is an outstanding animation, courtesy of Cashco, showing how a relief vent operated by a pilot valve protects a storage tank from overpressurizing during a pump-in condition or during rising ambient temperatures.

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