Monday, December 23, 2019

Field Instrument White Paper Teaches You How to Select and Maximize Your Lifetime Investment

Field Instrument White Paper
Within a plant, field instrumentation and actuators are the sensors of the process and the point at which the process automation system detects, measures, and responds to process conditions, including pressure, temperature, flow, and level. Process manufacturing plants of any size and complexity typically need thousands of field instruments, valves, actuators, and other devices. While critical to plant operations, field instrumentation is often purchased ad-hoc and based on the lowest initial cost.

Yokogawa measurement and control products include a full line of flow meters, differential pressure transmitters, pressure transmitters, level transmitters,  temperature transmitters, Fieldbus instruments, and safety measurement instrumentation.

This white paper describes the importance of considering the total cost of ownership across their lifecycle, from initial purchase through their useful life.

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